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Contract Manufacturing Management

The one area that is generally overlooked in the early stages of an organization is the crucial role that contract manufacturing will play once the organization reaches the stage of maturity in the organizational evolution cycle. Often, contracts or agreements are signed haphazardly causing great stress later on. The importance of a contract manufacturer should not be understated and these “extensions” of your own business should be managed both tactically and strategically to ensure success. This includes a strategic vision and plan for contract manufacturers that includes agreements to maintain a continuity of supply both for the drug substance and product. Having a plan in place well before commercialization will not only provide the relevant groundwork for a smoother validation process but also the greater likelihood of commercial success.

How we can help:

  • We can connect your organization to the appropriate contract manufacturer by their dosage form of expertise.
  • We can put your contract in place for you. Your agreement will have specific milestones and be protected against any interruption to supply.
  • We can be your project management department to ensure your timely execution of validation batches and commercial launch material.