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Joel S. Gordon

A broad professional experience including both academics and industry, encompassing large pharmaceutical, consumer and start-up gives me the insight on how science is advanced in all these environments. This also puts me in the unique position to leverage my broad cellular and molecular background and extensive academic contacts to understand, and evaluate a basic research discovery so as to identify, evaluate and nurture new biotechnology opportunities. A key strength is the use of an extensive biology knowledge base to focus on the strengths and the weaknesses of a new technology, recognizing what may not be obvious to others to solve problems, identify new directions and possibly find new advantages to leverage in developing and then mentoring an executable research program. I’ve been able to exploit this strength to critically assess the commercial potential of a technology. At the same time my success in an industrial environment gives me confidence to advise, particularly startups, on the requirements for a product development program for both consumer and pharmaceutical products.

Professional Experience:
  • Signum Biosciences (September 2001- present) - Founding member of the advisory board and served as Director of Skin Biology Research until the spinoff of Argyle Therapeutics for whom I continue to be a consultant.
    • Designed and advised and managed the execution of the research and evaluation program that validated that their prototype natural molecule as a unique topical anti-inflammatory that could be developed as a cosmetic product (already marketed in Japan and being licensed to American companies)
    • Recognized from the evaluation data that this class of molecule’s effect was unique in being restricted to its site of topical application, a safety advantage over currently used glucocorticoids in the long term treatment of chronic skin diseases, the key driver for the technology platform for new pharmacological entities
    • Advised in the selection and evaluated the execution screening models to select new molecular entities for pharmaceutical development in skin inflammatory diseases (one of which is being prepared for an IND for Rosacea)
    • Identified and managed academic collaborations.
    • Directed the preparation of applications that lead to the award as principle investigator of 3 Phase I and 1 Phase II NIH SBIR grants
  • Argyle Therapeutics (January 20 - present) - Consultant for this spinoff subsidiary of Signum Biosciences providing advice, direction and critical review of experimental results of preclinical dermatological research
    • Princeton University - Visiting Lecturer (September 2003 - June 2004) - Taught the undergraduate cell biology course and organized and taught a course in skin biology
  • Johnson & Johnson (June 1982 – June 2011)
    • Positions
      • Initially hired by the Baby Products Company as a Senior Scientist to establish and manage a new skin biology program focused on cell and molecular biology
      • Promoted to Principal Scientist and then Group Leader as the company evolved into Consumer Products International and to the present JJCPWW
      • Appointed as a Research Fellow when I was transferred into the Skin Biology Technology Resource Center (TRC) which supported new technology initiatives for both consumer and pharmaceutical products
    • Research Activities
      • Initiated, developed and managed the program in animal alternative testing
      • Collaborated in conceiving the idea that retinol could be leveraged as a cosmetic anti-aging product giving the same improvement in skin appearance as the pharmaceutical, retinoic acid (RA).
      • Designed and executed the research program that established the rational that retinol had the same molecular and cellular activity as RA on the skin resulting from our evidence that retinol is metabolized to RA in the skin - This is still an active and profitable J&J technology platform.
      • Established the program in characterizing the unique properties of infant skin
      • Conceived and managed a fundamental research program in lipid metabolism of the sebaceous gland that has been exploited in assays for their acne pharmaceutical discovery program.
      • Competed for and was awarded funding for 2 corporate postdoctoral fellowships for my group
      • Identified and managed academic collaborations
      • Served on the study sections which evaluated and awarded grants to academic scientists for the J&J Focused Giving Program and the UMDNJ foundation
  • Assistant Professor Department of Anatomy the State University of New York at Stony Brook (September 1974 - June 1982)
    • Research - Characterized the changes in chromatin protein expression during skeletal muscle differentiation. Supported by grants from NIH and the Muscular Dystrophy Society
    • Teaching - Medical human histology, graduate level Cell Biology (course director), graduate level Developmental Biology
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Richard Torack, Neuropathology, Cornell University Medical College - (September 1962 - June 1965) - Independently selected, designed and executed experiments in a project characterizing the biochemical defects in Na/K exchange transporter function during cerebral edema
  • Editorial Assistant, Sports Desk of the New York Post. (August 1961 - September 1962)
  • Undergraduate - Johns Hopkins University, A.B. degree ’61, Major in Biological Sciences, Minor in History
  • Graduate - University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anatomy, section on cell and developmental biology, Ph. D. degree ’71, Thesis research - The role of cell death in the notochord induction of vertebral cartilage biochemical phenotype, Dr. James W. Lash, Mentor - Supported by an NIH predoctoral trainingship
  • Postdoctoral - University of California San Francisco, Department of Biochemistry, Research - The interaction between histones and DNA in chromatin structure, Dr. William Rutter (Department chairman and eventual founder and CEO of Chiron), Mentor. Supported by American Cancer Society and California State fellowship awards