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Business Plan

One of the keys to success is to have a solid business plan that has been thoroughly researched and vetted. Understanding the needs of the patients, providers and payers and how they operate is critical to successfully marketing a product. Our business plan would encompass everything from account profiling and targeting through completing the necessary regulatory filings. We have significant experience with both public (VA/ DoD, Medicaid, etc) and private sector (managed markets, GPO’s, etc). This business plan provides a road map with Strategic Imperatives and timelines to insure we achieve our objectives.

How we can help:

  • Identification and profiling of key customers
  • Development and testing of the offering (value proposition).
  • Launch Communication Plan

Private Sector

An understanding of the inner workings of the private sector is essential for any organization to implement its commercial marketing plan. This begins with knowing how to price and position your product, how to gain maximum reimbursement and who the key players and organizations are. This coupled with years of experience in working with these organizations eliminates the ‘trial and error” approach which is costly in both time and money. Knowing how best to work with the various players leads to efficient execution of the plan.

How we can help:

  • Marketing Research Input
  • Communication with the pricing Publications
  • Development of product monographs and dossiers’
  • Establishing an image and brand awareness for the new product and organization

Public Sector

The public sector is very diverse, complicated and laden with rules and regulations. To the uninitiated this represents enormous challenges; to the experienced this complexity is a competitive advantage.

Responsibilities here include negotiating with the Veterans Administration on a Federal Supply Schedule. Signing a Rebate Agreement with Health and Human Services which allows you to participate in state medicaid programs.

How can we help:

  • Identify the key state programs and build an action plan to get preferred status
  • Input into forecasting sales and rebates
  • Development of a process for bidding and maintaining of state medicaid agreements