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ValueChainPerformance is a group of seasoned veterans that assist your organization today and take on the role of your commercial group without the risk of hiring permanent employees prior to FDA approval. VCP (ValueChainPerformance) can run your organization up to the point and even past your approval date. We are a highly skilled services organization specializing in;
QA/Regulatory/Supply Chain/Pharmacovigilance/Managed Care.

Our team approach is a one stop solution for any life science, cosmetic, med-device company closing in on its approval. We work like a symphony with every action part of an integrated approach to success. If you are looking for a 50 page slide deck, you’ve come to the wrong place. We come into your site and get you commercially ready now. That’s what we do.

Because our individual skills are different, each team member has equal value to completing your/our task. However, we do realize that everyone’s needs are not necessarily the same. As a result of where your organization may be in its journey to commercialization, you might not need all our services. Therefore we can assist with individual segments of your business as well. For example, should you have a completed filing and are ready to launch but may not have a strong enough understanding of your customer, we can assist you in your supply chain needs (wholesaler/pharmacies/distribution etc.) and/or managed care (PPO’s/HMO’s etc.) Should you be a foreign company with a US distributor or partner, but one that isn’t an expert on FDA and filing, we can service you here as well.