Value Chain Performance



Thomas J. Eck

Shazib Jamil

Joel S. Gordon

John N. Trush























Who We Are

  • Our practice executives have an average of 20 years of healthcare experience

  • Our practice executives have held senior positions in big pharma and with start-up companies.

  • Our practice executives have held consultancy positions in either large consulting organizations or have worked previously as independent consultants

  • Our individual track records include creating supply chains for small pharmaceutical organizations, managing contract manufacturers, creating sourcing strategies that have saved our respective organizations and our clients millions of dollars, negotiating fee for service agreements, negotiating managed care agreements and as a whole, establishing a tremendous database of contacts to ensure best in class operations in each of our practice areas

  • Our team has extensive experience creating and running virtual pharmaceutical organizations, leading the transition of ownership and ensuring the critical hand-off of responsibility is seamless and without disruption to your business.

  • Our greatest strength is not in our individual records of accomplishment, but rather in our success of working as a single unit to deliver powerful results.