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Why ValueChainPerformance?

Our experienced professionals will build your commercial supply chain for for less.


Our business case is simple. If you are a company with a product in late phase II or early phase III, you are about to make a large investment in preparing your supply chain.

Why take that risk of proceeding without us? Companies often don’t value supply chain strategies until they’re well into their commercial form. The decisions a company makes on choosing suppliers (API etc.) in phase II have an exponential impact on valuation years later. Additionally, pre-launch activities if not managed appropriately will set the commercialization process off in the wrong direction (everything from the wrong minimum order quantities in your contract manufacture supply agreement to understanding how to fill the wholesale channels accurately to support your launch……and navigating those fee-for-service agreements you’ll soon be faced with).

Is your business a foreign company that's not familiar with what is required to enter the US market? We can accomplish this for you. Through our preferred partner network we’ll help file your drug or medical device with the FDA to set up your adverse events reporting database. ValueChainPerformance will get your NDC/UPC codes, get your 3PL in place, assure your products entry into the US wholesaler distribution channels. We can assist in contracting with CMO’s (or manage your entire S&OP process), help achieve desired formulary status for you as well. We’ve done this before and with great success. We are your entry point for the US market. We build your foundation.